2 Apr

This blog talks about the eco green responsibility of GTA cluster. There are many different green talks these days, and some of them are recycling, green electricity, energy conservation and green roof. They all collaborate each other and have different functions to contribute to the society in which they are living.

Green RecycleGo Green







Long recognized as an outstanding example of a “green” facility, our goal is to serve as a global leader within our industry in this area and to provide opportunities for our clients and their events to aspire to do the same. It’s all part of being a good corporate citizen.
Our Top Green Initiatives


Currently we recycle 77% of all waste we generate, which represents a 26% waste reduction over the past 5 years.

Green Electricity:

Clients and event planners can opt for green power to reduce the environmental impact of their events, while the MTCC also uses it to power all of its administrative offices and electronic signage.

Energy Conservation:

We reduced the total energy consumed by our building by 20% over the past 8 years through measures such as increasing efficiency.

Green Roof:

The South Building is home to an enormous, 300,000-sq.-ft. green roof. This 7-acre green space comes complete with a park and benches for the public to enjoy.

Food Bank Donations:

We recycle more than 2,000 lbs of food annually by donating leftovers to Second Harvest, a major local food bank and long-time partner of the MTCC.

Deep Water Cooling:

We were the first facility in Toronto to be on Enwave Energy’s Deep Lake Water Cooling system.

Pioneers of the Zero Waste Event Concept

The MTCC pioneered the concept of holding large-scale Zero Waste Events and has won numerous awards for this unique approach to recycling.

MTCC Wins Awards For Its Efforts

The MTCC’s efforts to lead the way in environmental stewardship have not gone unnoticed. Recent awards we have won include:

  • 2008 Environmental Commissioner of Ontario Recognition Award


  1. heellacat May 20, 2009 at 9:22 pm #

    Fantastic info – will definitely come back again=)

  2. Jessica J. July 28, 2009 at 4:28 pm #

    I visited Toronto this weekend with my boyfriend and I LOVED it there! We’re from Milwaukee, WI, and we went for a weekend road trip. While we were there I noticed how “green” the city was, and I besides all of the great things to see/do, I just loved that everyone in the city was taking part in being environmentally friendly. Pretty much everyone I saw on the street or in shopping places had resuable bags. (I felt bad because I forgot mine back home)! I hated that I had to pay 5 cents for a plastic bag! I wish Milwaukee and more cities throughout the U.S. could be as “green” as Toronto. Kudos to Canada! It would be a pleasure to visit Toronto again. It was a great city with SO MUCH to offer 🙂


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